Bridgerton S3 Bingo Card: Plot Arcs We Can't Wait To See

Bridgerton S3 Bingo Card: Plot Arcs We Can't Wait To See
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Polin checklist for your Season 3 drinking game.

It's been nearly two years since we visited Shonda Rhimes' Regency London and roamed its streets alongside the Netflix Bridgerton siblings. And it will be even longer than that when Bridgerton Season 3 hits our screens on May 16.

This drought, likely caused by the Hollywood strikes, has been an agonizing time for all Bridgerton fans, especially those looking forward to seeing the romantic story of Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton, aka Polin, unfold on screen.

The long hiatus has given Polin fans the opportunity to drool over every little bit of information we have about the upcoming chapter, and to reread Julia Quinn's source novel a few times, creating a kind of checklist of every scene they would like to see in the new episodes.

For those who are not familiar with the Polin story beyond Bridgerton Seasons 1 and 2, this list gives a perfect sense of what to expect in Season 3. For Polin fans, it is a way to test their knowledge.

Build-Up List

The main theme of Season 3 will be the romantic story of Polin and their friends-to-lovers story, so there is no doubt that the first part of the new chapter will be dedicated to building things up for the love to happen.

  • Polin's Backstory - Julia Quinn penned a perfect scene where Colin and Penelope meet for the first time during a horse incident and Pen falls deeply in love.
  • Colin's Realization & Apology - Season 2 ended with Colin's harsh words, so now he needs to realize how much he hurt Pen and properly apologize for it.
  • Romantic Lessons - We can't wait to see Colin train Pen to be more desirable on the marriage market, but fall in love with her himself.
  • Colin's Jealousy - As Pen gets new suitors (fans have different candidates in mind), Colin has to get jealous and act a little crazy.
  • Rain Dance - The novel has an extremely romantic scene where Colin joins Penelope as she dances in the middle of Berkeley Square in the rain. This is the perfect moment for the turning point in their relationship.

Steamy Scenes

Of course, where there is Bridgerton, there are sensual arcs, and Polin is no exception.

  • Éclair Scene - Colin walks into Pen eating an éclair and moaning, to her great embarrassment? Yes, please.
  • First Kiss - In the book, Pen asks Colin to kiss her, but many fans think this might be changed in the show.
  • Carriage Scene - Easily the steamiest scene in the novel. And we can't help but anticipate it. Especially since it is followed by Colin's hasty proposal.
  • Couch Scene - Before they have sex for the first time, Polin and Colin enjoy several make-out sessions. The action in the Bridgertons' living room is one of them.
  • Engagement Party - The first sex takes place before marriage at the engagement party, and it is hot.
  • Mirror Scene - Mirror is only mentioned in passing in the book as Colin's fantasy. But Nicola Coughlan teased that it could happen on screen.

Pen's Arc

Of course, apart from their shared storyline, the Season 3 leads need their personal arcs to continue and develop from the previous seasons. Here's what we're expecting from Penelope.

  • Relationship With Mother - Before she can be the head of her own household, Pen must confront her overbearing mother and stand up for herself.
  • Making Up With Eloise - Bridgerton's best friends feuding is no way to go. So here's hoping that Pen and Eloise's relationship gets back to where it was in early episodes.
  • Friendship With Lady Danbury - The novel shows how beneficial this unlikely union is for Pen's development.
  • Lady Whistledown Reveal - Of course, this is a big part of the main Bridgerton arc, so we can't wait to see how the showrunners handle the arc of the mysterious gossip writer and her reveal to the ton.

Colin's Arc

Colin was more of a supporting character before Season 3, so he needs to have something outside of his relationship with Pen to become fully fleshed out.

  • Traveling - Fans think we might get a glimpse of Colin traveling around Europe.
  • Personal Journals - In the books, Colin is quite the writer, and we hope that passion will find a place on screen. Especially the scene where Pen reads and praises his travel journals.
  • Conversations With Anthony - Now that Anthony Bridgerton has found happiness, he could give Colin some good advice about emotions and relationships. We need that brotherly bond.

Other Characters

Aside from Polin, Bridgerton Season 3 is set to pick up a few storylines from previous seasons and hopefully introduce some new characters to tease future chapters.

  • Edmund & Violet Flashbacks - We know Lord and Lady Bridgerton are a model couple and want to see more of that past happiness.
  • Francesca's Wedding - Promo materials suggest that Francesca will be introduced to the Queen and perhaps find her first husband. This will lead to the introduction of two important future players, John and Michael Stirling.
  • Masquerade Ball - Those who love Benedict Bridgerton and are rooting for him to lead Season 4 will definitely be cheering if he meets his future love interest, Sophie Beckett, at a Masquerade Ball in Season 3. What about you?
Do you hope to see Benedict and Sophie's first meeting in Season 3?