Bridgerton Promo: What Book Moments Do the First Look Polin Photos Refer To?

Bridgerton Promo: What Book Moments Do the First Look Polin Photos Refer To?
Image credit: Netflix

Two images are clearly connected and tell a story. But which one?


  • The Bridgerton Season 3 first look images presented during the Tudum event seem to be connected.
  • Judging by the setting and costumes, two of them are different moments of one scene.
  • There are at least three book moments that the stills could be referring to.

In the drought that is waiting for any crumbs of information about Bridgerton Season 3, which will focus on the romance between Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton, dubbed Polin by fans, it is hard not to slip into re-watching the released seasons, rereading Julia Quinn's source books, looking at the few existing promo materials and speculating.

But then again, why should we stop? Let's speculate a little.

Tudum images seem to be connected

Is it just me, or do the stills released in June during Netflix's Tudum event seem to be telling a story after some time of drooling over them?

The two, set against the backdrop of social events (Francesca's wedding?), show Colin and Penelope gazing at each other with admiration and a kind of hunger, suggesting that the two lovebirds may still be in the early stages of their relationship.

Bridgerton Promo: What Book Moments Do the First Look Polin Photos Refer To? - image 1

But the two taken in a more private setting are clearly related. The stunning Penelope is wearing the same dress, hairstyle, and jewelry in both pictures, which tells me that they are two moments from the same scene.

Bridgerton Promo: What Book Moments Do the First Look Polin Photos Refer To? - image 2

First, there is some dangerously close interaction with Colin, and then Pen is thrown into a depressing thought that has her unhappily staring out the window.

After reading Pen's book Romancing Mister Bridgerton, I have three theories as to what this scene might be.

First Kiss

Julia Quinn readers will confirm that Penelope was under the impression that Colin was doing her a favor when they first kissed. Penelope's motivations for asking Colin to kiss her will definitely have to be changed in the series, but the overall vibe can very well be retained.

And the first look photos paint a great picture of the couple's first kiss. First, they are all tenderly and romantically leaning against each other, and then Pen is alone and contemplating her (she thinks) unreciprocated feelings for the third Bridgerton. Isn't that why she's touching her lips?

Post-Carriage Reflection

The carriage scene will most likely be changed in the series, and many fans think that Colin's proposal of marriage won't come right after it. So it is possible that Pen in the second still is shocked by her first sexual encounter, the final moments of which are shown in the first still, and is still processing it.


Another theory is that this is an end-of-season moment, when Penelope has already become Colin's wife and Cressida Cowper comes to their house to blackmail the lead about her Lady Whistledown identity.

In this case, the order of the pictures may change. First Pen is sad because of the dangerous situation. And then she is lovingly comforted by Colin.