Bridgerton Fans Have Thrilling Theory About Moonlight Scene Teased By Netflix

Bridgerton Fans Have Thrilling Theory About Moonlight Scene Teased By Netflix
Image credit: Netflix

Looks like at least one scene in Season 3 will be very different from the book.


  • Netflix has sent the massive Bridgerton fanbase into a frenzy with two new clips from Season 3.
  • While one of them is just a two-second video, it fired up fans' imaginations with the intense chemistry between the leads.
  • As a result, viewers have come up with a pretty convincing theory as to how and where exactly Colin and Penelope will share their first on-screen kiss.

February 1st came as a big and happy surprise for all Bridgerton fans. After almost two years of radio silence, interrupted only by a few stills, Netflix finally kicked off the promo season for the new Bridgerton chapter, which will be released in two parts on May 16 and June 13.

As part of its 'Next on Netflix' preview, the streaming giant showed a 30-second clip of Season 3 leads Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton, which oozed with enjoyable romcom vibes. But that was not the only treat for the fans.

Among other promo material, a short two-second scene, later shared by Penelope star Nicola Coughlan on her Instagram, flashed and sent fans into total romantic hysteria.

In the scene, Colin approaches Penelope, with both leads looking highly emotional and flustered.

While this is more of a GIF than a video, the emotion and chemistry between the characters is palpable, and sent fan discussions into overdrive with passionate speculation and gossip about what exactly could be happening on screen.

The First Kiss Scene

It's clear that the teaser video will be closely followed by what happens in a still from last year's Netflix Tudum event (via Deadline).

In the picture, Colin and Pen are wearing the same hairstyles and clothes as in the video. But most importantly, Colin is leaning so close to Pen that it can't be just a friend's gesture. We are pretty sure that this is the first kiss scene.

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On top of that, we know from the image caption that this will be an Episode 2 scene, which leads fans to an exciting theory.

The Season 2 Parallel

Dedicated viewers are sure that the first kiss between Colin and Penelope will deviate from Julia Quinn's source book and instead feature a beautiful parallel to the devastating Season 2 finale scene when Colin told his gentleman friends that he 'would never dream of courting Penelope Featherington' and Pen overheard him and was deeply hurt by those words.

We can see in the clip that the characters are in a garden that looks very much like the Featherington garden from the Season 2 finale. More than that, they are in roughly the same positions, but this time Colin sees Penelope and is talking TO her instead of ABOUT her behind her back.

So fans think this is the moment where Colin tries to convince Pen that he didn't mean what he said earlier, and finally, in a desperate persuasive gesture, he kisses her to show that she is desirable. That's why Penelope looks so confused, alarmed, and hopeful at the same time.

This would definitely be a fantastic callback to Season 2 and a great way to set things right with the main characters.

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