7 Major Loki Questions Next MCU Projects Will Have To Answer

7 Major Loki Questions Next MCU Projects Will Have To Answer
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Loki laid a solid foundation for the Multiverse Saga.

According to writer Eric Martin, Season 2 of Loki wrapped up the story the creative team wanted to tell. Indeed, the series seems to have no need to be continued. Loki has become the MCU's most powerful character and a whole new god of stories, holding the entire multiverse in his hands and giving it the power to exist. You can't beat it.

However, the series proved to be an important part of the Multiverse Saga, providing many of the core terms and concepts for it, and raising some important questions that need to be answered in future MCU projects.

Where does the TVA fit in now?

In Seasons 1 and 2 of Loki, the Time Variance Authority (TVA) had one goal - to protect the Sacred Timeline. But now that all branches of the multiverse coexist as equals, what will their new mission be?

The final moments of the Season 2 finale suggest that they are now tracking down all the Kang variants to prevent them from starting the Multiversal War. But it doesn't explain where and how the agents fit into the MCU going forward.

Will we see Ravonna Renslayer again?

Loki revealed that Renslayer was a major player in the previous Multiversal War, as the right hand of He Who Remains. Could her arc have ended after that? We see her in the Void in one of the final scenes of Season 2, but her fate remains up in the air.

What will Mobius be doing in Deadpool 3?

Owen Wilson has been confirmed to appear as Agent Mobius in Deadpool 3. But we saw him leave the TVA at the end of Loki Season 2. What will he be doing in the upcoming movie? And what kind of new role will be set up for him?

What happens to Victor Timely?

The Loki finale sets up two different paths for Victor Timely. One is the scientist who helped Loki save the TVA, and the other is the child who never received the TVA guidebook and may never learn about it.

What will happen to these two variants, and could one of them become He Who Remains or start the war?

Is He Who Remains dead?

If Loki Season 2 taught us anything, it's that He Who Remains always has a plan. Loki seems to have outsmarted him by placing himself on his throne as the new protector of the multiverse, which means He Who Remains stays dead.

But does he really? Could he have been resurrected in one of the branches?

Is Loki's multiverse different?

By breathing life into all the branches of the multiverse, Loki seems to have created something entirely new. But is it? We know that the TVA and the multiverse exist outside of time, and He Who Remains mentioned that he was from the 31st century.

So could Loki's multiverse be the same multiverse that existed before the war?

How will the new Multiversal War end?

Considering the question above, we can theorize that the Multiversal War happens again and again, like Ragnarök. We know that the previous war ended with the victory of He Who Remains and the destruction of all universes except the Sacred Timeline. Will the new conflict end the same way?

Or will the free will that Loki seems to have given to the inhabitants of the various branches ensure another ending and the peaceful coexistence of all universes?

Source: CinemaBlend.