7 K-Dramaland's Steamiest Kisses That Live In Our Heads Rent Free

7 K-Dramaland's Steamiest Kisses That Live In Our Heads Rent Free
Image credit: jTBC, tvN

K-dramaland has upped its kissing game.

South Korean showmakers are good at creating romantically charged stories where the tension between the leads builds to the point where viewers start talking to their screens, begging the characters to finally kiss.

In some cases, when the protagonists give in to their feelings, the kisses feel childish and artificial. But there are other scenes that are so natural and passionate that viewers can't get them out of their heads for months.

Here are just seven examples for you to drool over.

Boss-Secretary Affair

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim (2018)

Where to stream: Disney+, Hulu, Viki, Roku

The love story between the vice president of a giant corporation and his longtime secretary leans toward the steamier side of K-dramaland, and features several hot kisses that will make viewers swoon. The two most popular are the make-up kiss in the closet and the ‘I don’t want to waste tonight’ kiss, which promises so much more.

Feral Kiss

My Roommate Is a Gumiho (2021)

Where to stream: Netflix, Prime Video, Viki, iQIYI, TVING

The story of a 999-year-old nine-tailed fox and a college student began with a mission to make the gumiho fully human and ended with a passionate, kiss-fueled romance in which the male lead gives in to his animal desires. Some would call it lack of control, we call it sexy.

Kiss on the Piano

Strong Girl Bong-soon (2017)

Where to stream: Netflix, Viki, Disney+

Do Bong-soon has supernatural strength and works as a bodyguard for a charming rich heir. When the leads realize they have feelings for each other, they can’t keep hands from each other and it results in many beautiful scenes. Probably, the most electric of them is the kiss on a piano.

Fake Engagement/Real Kissing

Something About 1% (2016)

Where to stream: Prime Video, Viki

Lee Jae-in is a cutthroat businessman, rich heir, and arrogant man. To teach him a lesson, his grandfather forces him to enter into a contract engagement with a sweet kind-hearted teacher. Unexpectedly, Jae-in falls for the girl and turns out to be quite a kisser. The wet hair scene definitely needs to be talked about more.

Kiss in the Closet

A Good Day to Be a Dog (2023)

Where to watch: Netflix, Viki

For a teacher who turns into a dog every time she kisses (we're not kidding), Han Hae-na is pretty good at it. Especially when it comes to her colleague Jin Seo-won. Their scene in the closet is just a chef's kiss (pun intended).

Frozen Kiss

Melting Me Softly (2019)

Where to stream: Viki, iQIYI

The protagonists of this K-drama agree to be frozen for 24 hours as an experiment, but instead wake up 20 years later. They must maintain a lower body temperature to survive, but their mutual attraction heats them up. They finally give up and stand under a cold shower to share a hungry kiss.

Surprise Kiss

Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (Goblin) (2016)

Where to stream: Prime Video, Viki

The story of an immortal goblin and the girl bound to him by fate is wholesome and beloved by audiences. But it gets even better when you watch the director's cut, which includes one of the best kissing scenes in K-dramaland. In the scene, the lead actor surprises his girlfriend with a long and passionate make-out session. Why was this scene cut? That's the million dollar question.