5 Tidbits Of Lore We'd Love To See In Davies' New Doctor Who

5 Tidbits Of Lore We'd Love To See In Davies' New Doctor Who
Image credit: BBC

These will not only delight seasoned fans, but will fit perfectly into the Fifteenth's arc.

Ncuti Gatwa's Fifteenth Doctor made his full-length debut in the new Christmas special, The Church on Ruby Road. In the episode, Russell T. Davies introduced many new concepts, such as the Doctor's changing outfits and singing, new cute villains who operate on the energy of luck and chance, and the smart gloves that channel all of a person's 'mass and density and mavity' into their hands.

These changes are great, but when we get to Doctor Who Season 14, which is set to land on Disney+ and BBC in May 2024, old-time fans will want to find more Easter eggs from the classic era of the show and the expanded universe. After all, you can't just rule out 60 years of lore.

It doesn't even have to be something big, like the return of the Monk or the Rani, it can just be minor canon stuff that doesn't change the story much, but rings a bell for old-timers.

Here are five such details that would fit perfectly into the Fifteenth's arc.

'Old Girl'

The classic Doctors often referred to the TARDIS as 'old girl,' and it was a lovely detail that had the vibe of the bond between your dad and that crappy car he's had forever, but somehow still gets to work.

NuWho gave the TARDIS a face and even hinted at her romantic feelings for the Doctor. But the more genuine relationship seems to be between two partners who have been traveling through time and space for hundreds of years.

The Butterfly Room

In the spinoff novel series titled The Eighth Doctor Adventures, the Doctor and his companions explored the TARDIS and stumbled upon several hidden rooms. Among them was a never-ending field of grass with butterflies swirling around it. A nice concept, right?

In general, it would be great to get beyond the control room and see what else the bigger on the inside interiors of the ship have to offer.

The Big Talking Bird

After the iconic Beep the Meep finally graced our screens with his presence in the 60th anniversary specials, we hope to at least catch a glimpse of another classic character who originated and appeared primarily in the Doctor Who comic books.

Frobisher was a shape-shifting companion of the Sixth and Seventh Doctors. He took the form of a talking penguin and became a fan-favorite for his unique sense of humor, loyalty and resourcefulness.


Frobisher proves that the Doctor did not always travel with humans in his extended adventures, and that is a great thing to mention in the show. Another type of companion who was not human is Wolsey, a cat.

Wolsey was a giant tabby cat from 1910s Earth who, according to the Doctor Who novels, traveled with the Seventh. We would die for the chance to see Ncuti Gatwa's Time Lord get a pet.

107 Baker Street

Remember that the Doctor is a London property owner? Yes, in the audiobooks his house is located at 107 Baker Street and has been used by him and his companions since the 19th century.

We are sure that a real house with the Doctor's unique interior would be a perfect addition to the Davies' Renaissance era. At the very least, David Tennant's Fourteenth could spend his retirement there, couldn't he?

Would you like to see these additions in the future episodes of Doctor Who?