5 Things That Make [Spoiler] The Best Choice For Mel's Father

5 Things That Make [Spoiler] The Best Choice For Mel's Father
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Are you happy with how things turned out?

The Virgin River Christmas specials were sometimes too sweet and sticky, but still a treat for all fans of the Mel Monroe and Jack Sheridan story. The focus was on the main characters and their bond with each other and their families during the holiday preparations and festivities.

The central and most intriguing storyline was undoubtedly the quest for Mel's biological father. The Season 5 Part 1 finale revealed that the mysterious man who had an affair with Mel's mother many years ago lived in Virgin River, sending the show's fandom into a frenzy.

For over two months, fans speculated as to who Mel's father could be, only to find out that it was a new character, town recluse Everett Reid. While such a development may seem disappointing to some viewers, it is actually a smart move by the show's creators. And here's why.

New Cast Member

Showrunner Patrick Sean Smith has hinted in several interviews that Everett will become a major character, if not a regular one, starting next season. And John Allen Nelson, who plays him, feels like a valuable addition to the show's cast.

After five years, the actors have formed a unique dynamic, which is great, but sometimes needs a bit of tweaking. Nelson is an experienced and capable actor who has an air of mystery about him that is great for this role. He is certainly ready to bring a fresh perspective to the show. Plus, he and Alexandra Breckenridge look alike and have undeniable on-screen chemistry.

Avoiding the Cheesy

With the addition of Mel's dad storyline, the show's creators already jumped the shark. How could a random town chosen by the protagonist on a whim be the place where her dad lives? If the father turned out to be someone familiar, the level of cheesy coincidences and unnecessary drama would reach dangerous levels.

Paternal Competition

The most popular fan theory was that Doc was actually Mel's father. While a nice thought, the theory had major problems, starting with the implausibility and ending with Doc already having a surprise child.

The introduction of Everett, however, presents an exciting opportunity to see Doc in a new dynamic. He will always be Mel's surrogate father, and now the two men can have a love-hate friendly competition for her attention.

After all the losses, Mel deserves to have two fathers in her life.

New Dynamics

A new character means a new dynamic for the whole town. First of all, of course, it is Mel's arc that will change. We are in for a treat as she forms a bond with her newfound father.

Secondly, the showrunner revealed that Everett's storyline will affect other residents of Virgin River, which is perfect to shake things up in the town.

New Drama

The holiday specials ended on a new cliffhanger. There is something important Mel needs to know about her father before letting him into her life. This sets up all kinds of intriguing dramatic arcs for the new season.

The showrunner hinted that the revelation has something to do with why Everett is a recluse. And that gives fans plenty to speculate about until Season 6.

Do you agree that Everett Reid is the best choice for Mel's father?