5 Things That Make Fargo S5 One of TV's Best

5 Things That Make Fargo S5 One of TV's Best
Image credit: FX

If you haven't caught up with the new Fargo story, now is the perfect time.

The fifth chapter of Fargo hasn't aired its finale yet, but viewers are already anticipating an epic TV hour on FX this Tuesday, January 16.

The season, which premiered in November, follows a deadly North Dakota sheriff's cat-and-mouse hunt for a seemingly ordinary Minnesota housewife. Over the course of ten episodes, the show gradually reveals the darkest secrets and hidden talents of its characters, bringing the action to the epic standoff between American 'patriots' and the militia.

And while this new Noah Hawley story didn't get any wins at this year's Golden Globes, fans are sure it's worth your time. Here's why.

Rip-Roaring Return

Season 5 marks the return of Fargo after a three-year hiatus. And it is a perfect comeback after a somewhat uneven Season 4. In the new chapter, fans found everything they have come to expect and love from the show.

The story comes close to the best Fargo seasons with its unique black slapstick comedy approach, dramatic and at times disturbing themes, and diving right into the violence and weirdness of the world.

Character Work

The writing is amazing. And it gets even better thanks to some of the best acting on television. The plot relies heavily on the protagonist, Dot Lyon, and Juno Temple delivers. A worse actor could have easily made the whole season feel weaker, but Temple is absurdly good.

On top of that, her adversaries and allies all create a colorful and unforgettable library of characters, each of whom shines when they're on screen.

Best Antagonist

Fargo is famous for its villain game. Over the course of the show's run, we have seen some truly terrifying individuals, but Season 5's antagonist, Roy Tillman, is easily the one to top any fan list.

A corrupt and deeply sadistic preacher and rancher who serves as the constitutional sheriff of Stark County, Tillman is sure to send chills down the spine of every viewer with his actions and unwavering belief in his righteousness. Certainly one of Jon Hamm's best work.


The way in which Season 5 goes about discussing topics such as marriage, misogyny, abuse, and the far-right movement is nothing short of fantastic. There is no empty preaching, just unvarnished truth presented through a specific situation and characters. Even though he is treading on some familiar ground, Hawley manages to provide a refreshing take on the old themes.

Level of Craziness

As the last (and probably best) argument in favor of Fargo Season 5, there's also a 500-year-old, immortal Welsh hitman who has a very unique view of the world. So even if none of the above arguments appealed to you, this level of inspired insanity just has to.

The Fargo Season 5 finale, Bisquik, airs Tuesday, January 16 at 10pm ET on FX.

If you have already watched Fargo Season 5, do you agree it's one of the best chapters of the show and television in general?