5 Reasons Why Bridgerton's Eloise-Centric Season Should Be Fifth

5 Reasons Why Bridgerton's Eloise-Centric Season Should Be Fifth
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The creators of Netflix's romantic hit Bridgerton have never been shy about tweaking the show's source material, Julia Quinn's romantic series. So when they announced that the order of the Bridgerton siblings' love stories would be changed, with Colin and Penelope's romance jumping ahead of Benedict's solo season, many fans accepted the creative decision.

After all, Colin and Penelope do seem ready to have their romantic arc played out on screen. However, it raised a big question: Will Season 4 (which has already been greenlit by Netflix) feature Benedict's story, or should we expect Eloise to follow in her brother's footsteps and jump ahead of him?

Here are five reasons why we think Bridgerton shouldn't skip Benedict's season again. Eloise will be better off if her story is told in Season 5, just like in the Quinn's series.

1. Spinsterhood is an important part of Eloise's arc

Quinn's Eloise and Penelope are both 28-year-old spinsters when they find love. But Penelope's story is confirmed to happen when she is 20 (Season 3) and still on the marriage market.

After that, it seems unwise to change another book spinsters story as well. Especially since Eloise's independence is an important part of her character development. In season 2, Eloise has a nice conversation with Kate about spinsterhood, which has to be a foreshadowing of her spending a few years on her own in the future.

2. Bridgerton needs to explore Eloise's rebellious side

Eloise is a unique character for the romance genre in that she is built as a social justice warrior with strong opinions. It would be a great disservice to the character if her ambitions and potential were not fully explored and cut short by an early marriage.

3. Eloise needs to grow into the idea of marriage

Moving Eloise's story to fourth would deprive her of much-needed time and space to grow into the idea of marriage and family. From Season 1, she wants something for herself outside of marriage, and is clearly afraid of childbirth because of the problems her mother had with Hyacinth.

All of that makes her reject the idea of love and husband. But in Season 3 and 4, she will have the chance to witness the happy marriages of Anthony and Kate, Penelope and Colin, Benedict and Sophie. And that might make her reconcile to the idea of letting someone into her life.

4. Eloise's story needs a time jump

In order for the character growth described above to happen, Eloise's story needs a time jump of at least a few years. While this will only be beneficial for her younger siblings (Francesca will have time to spend in her first marriage and Gregory and Hyacinth - to grow up), it could be disastrous for Benedict.

5. Benedict is ready to lead Season 4

Even in Season 2, the fan-favorite Bridgerton brother didn't seem to have much to do. The creators gave him a few scenes that did not help his character development at all. So if this goes on for two more seasons and a time jump, his character could be completely ruined by Season 5.

Besides, since the two siblings are so close, Benedict's story could trigger Eloise's and help her understand that she wants something similar. Do you agree?

Who do you think should lead Season 4?