5 Proofs That TBBT's Leonard & Friends' Ross Are Essentially The Same Character

5 Proofs That TBBT's Leonard & Friends' Ross Are Essentially The Same Character
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Have you ever noticed that your reaction to these two is kind of the same?

There's no one formula for success. Or is there? When it comes to TV shows, there are a lot of uncanny similarities between how they are set up plot-wise. Take, for example, Friends and The Big Bang Theory, both wildly successful sitcoms of their time.

While the settings and main premise of the two shows are different, the plot lines, characters, and group dynamics between them bear a striking resemblance. Especially when it comes to Leonard Hofstadter and Ross Geller.

Here are five facts that prove that Leonard and Ross are basically one and the same person.

1. Introduction

Both Ross and Leonard are introduced as these nice, quiet, nerdy guys who are smart and have gone far in their scientific studies, but kind of ill-adapted to life, spineless, and clueless about what to do with their futures.

Ross is heartbroken over his former wife's betrayal. Leonard lets Sheldon take full control of his life. This makes the audience feel compassion and sympathy for the characters from the very beginning. We can't help but root for Ross and Leonard in the early seasons.

2. Crush

Character development for both Ross and Leonard begins when they meet a pretty, popular girl with whom they fall in love and become obsessed. Rachel and Penny are also very similar when it comes to their character development, but it is their relationships with Ross and Leonard that have the most similarities.

3. Relationship

Once both protagonists manage to win the hearts of their dream girls, the problems begin. These two couples have the most complicated and tumultuous relationships in their respective shows. Something (often Ross and Leonard's stupid decisions) causes them to constantly break up and then get back together. This goes on for several seasons.

4. Fall

Somehow, romance with a crush doesn't make these protagonists better people. On the contrary, Ross and Leonard begin to display repulsive character traits that make viewers feel disappointed and frustrated with them.

Not only are they jealous and controlling partners, but they become arrogant and self-absorbed, and lead active dating lives during their breakups with Rachel and Penny.

5. Character Traits

Both characters have mother issues. Leonard's mother is cold and abusive. Ross's is on the other end of the spectrum. She smothers her son with love and affection, which doesn't help his character either.

Yes, they both grew up soft, hardworking, and loyal to friends. But they are also insecure, naive, and susceptible to the influence of others.

The worst trait of both Ross and Leonard is that they are unable to see themselves as the problem, even when it is obvious. In their minds, they are just too nice to be blamed for anything. And over time, this leads to the rejection of both characters by the audience.

By the end of both shows, Ross and Leonard had become the least-favorite characters for many fans.

How do you feel about Ross and Leonard as characters?