5 Gen V Questions That Need to Be Answered in The Boys Season 4

5 Gen V Questions That Need to Be Answered in The Boys Season 4
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The first season of Gen V set the stage for the upcoming installment of The Boys with two explosive cameos and a bunch of cliffhangers.

Both Homelander and Billy Butcher made brief appearances in the spinoff's latest episode, which wrapped up Season 1. While the characters didn't meet, they outlined the future of their respective arcs and created a perfect bridge to The Boys Season 4 coming out in 2024.

On top of that, the Gen V premiere season introduced some storylines that will definitely find their way into the parent show. All in all, there are five key questions that we expect to be answered in the fourth entry of The Boys.

Will there be a Homelander trial?

It's been teased throughout Gen V that Homelander's killing of an innocent bystander in the Season 3 finale hasn't gone unnoticed by the general public, and people are demanding that the leader of The Seven be brought to justice.

But his appearance in Gen V showed that the Supe is not the least bit troubled by the people's reaction. If anything, he has gained new supporters and unlimited power in Vought, so it will be interesting to see how the trial goes, should it happen.

Will Cate and Sam join the Seven?

In a shocking twist, Cate and Sam were named the new Guardians of Godolkin, despite the fact that they were the ones who started the God U massacre. It was another Homelander's decision that Vought's leadership just let stand.

Now it makes sense for Homelander to take his new protégés even further and welcome them into the Seven. After all, there are plenty of vacancies.

Will Butcher find the Supe virus?

Butcher's appearance in The Woods (secret experiment facility) in the post-credits scene answered several questions. It became clear that he was the one who talked to Grace Mallory, and his new target is the Supe virus created in The Woods.

There's no doubt that the Boys' Season 4 mission will be to get the virus, but considering that it's in the hands of Victoria Neuman, we're not sure they'll succeed. And that brings us to the next question

What are Victoria Neuman's plans?

Since Neuman and her daughter are both Supes, there's no way the congresswoman is going to release the virus into the world. But she may want to use it against powerful Supes like Homelander, or just hide it as a hedge against her enemies.

Hopefully The Boys will dig deeper into Neuman's plans.

What happens to Marie's gang?

The Gen V protagonist and her friends ended up in a secret facility, trapped in a room with no doors. And we hope they won't just be forgotten for the duration of The Boys Season 4. The fate of the gang must at least be mentioned.

At some point, relatives will start looking for them, and the Boys may understand that locating the teens is their best bet to find the virus and win Homelander.