5 Controversial Harry Potter Fan Opinions That Actually Make You Wonder

5 Controversial Harry Potter Fan Opinions That Actually Make You Wonder
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Do you agree with any of them?

In the two and a half decades of its existence, the Harry Potter universe has become a huge part of our culture. Fans seem to know as much about it as they do about the real world. And certain opinions about the wizarding world have been formed and are rarely questioned.

But what if we take a fresh look at the universe? Here are five controversial Harry Potter thoughts that may make you disagree, but will definitely have your brains moving.

1. The Wizarding community is too ignorant of the Muggle world

Witches and wizards live among Muggles and mingle with them on a daily basis. They come from non-magical families and marry Muggles. The Ministry of Magic is in the heart of London. Yet they seem to know too little about Muggle life and technology.

Ok, electronics may be affected by magic, but why use a quill instead of the more practical pen and pencil?

2. Lucius Malfoy got off way too easily

Did you know that Lucius Malfoy didn't serve any time in Azkaban after all the crimes he committed during the Second Wizarding War? Instead, all Malfoys were pardoned as a reward for abandoning Voldemort's cause and helping to capture other Death Eaters.

Of course, Lucius' reputation was destroyed, but in truth, he got off too easy. He never seemed to change his ways and continued to collect Dark artifacts and preach the pure-blood views.

3. The SPEW subplot was not so bad

The book subplot of Hermione fighting against the unfair treatment of house-elves was hated by many readers and cut from the film series. But actually, this subplot was not that bad.

Yes, the name Hermione chose was questionable and out of character for her, and the way she acted may have been wrong, but the story was quite realistic (who wasn't a teenager passionate about social justice?) and actually gave her a powerful character development and allowed her to have an arc outside of Harry's.

4. The Treatment of Squibs is appalling

Squibs are children of wizarding families who are born without magic. If you think of them as a representation of people with disabilities in a wizarding society, the treatment of them becomes disturbing.

Witches and wizards are used to looking down on Squibs, and even Neville, who was more of a late bloomer, had to endure some serious bullying from schoolmates and teachers because of his problems with magic.

5. Dumbledore is not a good headmaster

Albus Dumbledore seems to be considered the best Hogwarts headmaster in its history. And he was certainly invaluable in times of crisis. But on closer inspection, he could do a lot better at his day-to-day job.

Teachers picked favorites, verbally abused children, didn't give them good material, and constantly threatened their lives and health in class. Dangerous artifacts and creatures were kept on the school grounds. The school itself was quite dangerous for the students. Seems like things a school headmaster should have been able to control.