5 Biggest Takes From Bridgerton S3 Long-Awaited Clip

5 Biggest Takes From Bridgerton S3 Long-Awaited Clip
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Yep, we can draw at least five conclusions from a 30-second clip.

The first day of the new month has become a time of happy fainting for all Bridgerverse fans. With three and a half months to go until the anticipated premiere of the first part of Bridgerton Season 3, Netflix has started to warm up viewers with new promo material.

As a result, we got the first video teaser of the Season 3 leads, Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton. And what a teaser it is! Not only do the beloved characters finally move and talk on our screens (which is a pleasant surprise in itself), but they also deliver one of the most romantic and hilarious scenes in the entire series, sending fans into a frenzy.

The 30-second clip shows a transformed Penelope complimenting Colin's eyes, and both of them being quite taken aback by her directness. Aren’t these two just the best?

How can you not want May to come as fast as possible after such an emotional moment? We need more! But even this short teaser can lead to some pretty interesting conclusions.

Season 3 leads do have chemistry

After the steamy Season 2, some Bridgerton viewers were not sure if Penelope and Colin had enough chemistry to steal the show. The teaser proved them wrong. Both characters deliver complex emotions and seem fully formed with their quick transition from romance to comic relief.

More than that, their romantic chemistry just oozes off the screen. Without a doubt, we are getting the most romantic Bridgerton story yet, with strong romcom vibes, and millions of fans will be curled up on their couches with chocolates and snacks, swooning over the sweetness of the upcoming episodes.

The 'lessons in love' trope at its best

Like previous Bridgerton chapters, Season 3 is going to be trope-y. Already in the 30-second clip we see several tropes, including 'oblivious to love', 'height difference', 'fake-real love confession', and of course the so-called 'lessons in love'.

And already from the teaser we can see that this trope will be executed on an unprecedented level. When Colin offers Pen his flirting advice, he won't be prepared for how good a student she turns out to be. And we are totally here for it.

Pen is not angry anymore

It is clear that the scene in the teaser is from the early episodes of Season 3. And we see that Penelope has already come to terms with the hurtful words Colin uttered in the Season 2 finale and has fallen back in love with him.

So we can assume that it won’t take long for the leads to overcome their differences and make up, which is a welcome thought. A drawn out grudge and cold shoulder storyline would be wrong for this particular story.

Colin is confused early on

Again, we know this is the scene from the beginning of the season, and it's clear that Colin already doesn't see Pen as just a friend. Probably because of the realization of how thoughtless his words and opinions were in Season 2, probably because they've already had a few 'lessons,' but it's clear that Pen's compliment hits him on a level he wasn't expecting.

This brings us to the thought that the Season 3 leads will get together quite early in the chapter, and the main drama will come from outside sources, probably the hunt for Lady Whistledown.

It's all about sneaking around

The teaser revealed that another big trope that Season 3 will tackle is 'sneaking around'. The characters are alone in the Bridgerton living room (which is already frowned upon by the ton), and they panic when they hear voices at the end of the scene.

So clearly, Pen's estrangement from Eloise will lead to Colin sneaking around with Penelope for 'lessons' so that no one in the family knows. The main love arc of the season will take place in total secrecy (at least at first), probably in the shadow of a more visible romance (Francesca's marriage to John Stirling?).

Source: Netflix Youtube.

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