5 Arcs OFMD Cancellation Took Away From Us

5 Arcs OFMD Cancellation Took Away From Us
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This is what Max has stolen from the fans of Our Flag Means Death.

The news that the second season of David Jenkins' pirate series Our Flag Means Death (OFMD), which aired on Max in October of last year, will be final has hit fans hard.

Were you sad to hear the news of OFMD’s cancellation?

The genre-bending tale of two pirate captains, Stede Bonnet and Ed Teach, and their crew members has become a real sleeper hit among Max viewers and has attracted a large, inclusive fan base that has ensured that OFMD's Season 2 ratings have been among the best on the streaming platform.

Given that Jenkins has stated in more than one interview that he always had a three-season idea for the pirate show, fans expected Season 3 to be greenlit by Max.

However, neither the original creator's plan nor the high ratings convinced the studio to renew the show, much to the dismay of thousands of dedicated viewers who are now using the hashtags #RenewAsACrew and #SaveOFMD on social media to fight for the continuation of the beloved story.

This fan enthusiasm is easy to understand. While Season 2 ended on a somewhat satisfying note, there are still a few major storylines left hanging after the finale.

Here are five arcs that OFMD was robbed of the chance to explore.

Ed and Stede's Relationship

Although Season 2 ended on a happy note for the fan-adored pirate couple, their relationship still needs some development. We saw them meeting and falling in love. We saw their first kiss and a steamy scene. We saw them find their way to each other and decide to settle down on shore together.

But does it really feel like a happy ending? The protagonist didn't have the time to build up a mature relationship, and something tells us that they wouldn't be able to live a quiet, adventure-free life on land.

Captain of the Revenge

With Izzy Hands dead and Ed and Stede left behind, the Revenge crew has no formal leader. The new crew members include some good candidates for captain, such as the Pirate Queen and Spanish Jackie. But the team leader has never been officially chosen. This leaves the dynamics of the group rather chaotic.

Avenging Prince Ricky Banes

Both the old and new members of the Revenge crew have good reason to hold a grudge against Prince Ricky Banes. Killing Izzy, destroying Zheng Yi Sao's fleet and Spanish Jackie's bar calls for a full season of revenge against the noseless antagonist.

Romantic Subplots

Almost every supporting character seems to have found a love interest during the two seasons. But we want to explore all of these relationships more deeply. The married life of Lucius and Black Pete, the relationship of Jim and Archie, the starting romance of Oluwande and Zheng, the future plans of Spanish Jackie and Swede all deserve their own storylines.

Buttons' Transformation

The biggest question left unanswered by OFMD is whether the bizarre transformation of the Revenge's first mate into a seagull really happened. While the show doesn't have any other magical arcs, Ed seemed certain that Buttons really did turn into a bird. Unfortunately, we'll never know if that was the case.