5 Arcs From Wild Blue Yonder Likely To Pop Up In Future Doctor Who Episodes

5 Arcs From Wild Blue Yonder Likely To Pop Up In Future Doctor Who Episodes
Image credit: BBC

What upcoming storylines does the new anniversary special hint at?

Russell T. Davies continues to send Doctor Who fans on cloud nine with the 60th anniversary specials, the second of which landed on BBC and Disney+ on Saturday, December 2.

Wild Blue Yonder found the Doctor and Donna stranded on an abandoned spaceship adrift in the middle of nowhere, with a dangerous dark force within.

As the story, spiced with some CGI body horror and hilarious Doctor-Donna sparring, unfolded, several scenes emerged that could have a major impact on the future of Doctor Who.

Here are five Wild Blue Yonder storylines we expect to see in the future of Doctor Who, no matter who plays them.


The episode began with a good old gag: The TARDIS stormed into an important historical scene, the discovery of gravity. The apple falling on Isaac Newton's head seems to have been caused by the sudden appearance of the ship. But that's not what's important.

The cause of the story was changed when Isaac Newton decided to call gravity 'mavity' because of Donna's joking comment. Now that word is official in the Whoniverse, and we certainly expect it to be used whenever a gravitational phenomenon is discussed.

The Doctor's Relationships

Throughout the long run of Doctor Who, the Time Lord has had a few romantic relationships and even marriages, with David Tennant's Tenth leading the way. While the majority of the Doctor's partners seemed to be female humans (including Yaz), it was always somewhat of a given that his interests were not limited to one gender, sexuality or species.

Wild Blue Yonder confirmed this in the small talk about Isaac Newton's hotness. Considering that the Fifteenth is set to be played by the openly queer Ncuti Gatwa, we might expect this to hint at future queer relationships.

Edge of the Universe

The ship the Doctor and Donna find themselves on floats at the edge of the universe, a dangerous and incomprehensible place. This is where infinity ends, which is a paradox in itself. And this brings out some dangerous things, like the species the protagonists meet in Wild Blue Yonder.

Since the edge of the universe is given such a disturbing characterization in the episode, we might expect to see it again as a setting for new universe-threatening adventures.


Speaking of the edge of the universe, the Doctor says that here any belief or superstition can become true and spread throughout the universe. So when he spills salt and convinces the antagonist of Wild Blue Yonder that they can't cross this threshold until they've counted every grain, he's probably creating the new rule for evil forces that we may encounter in future episodes.

The Timeless Child

In what is probably the most important scene for the Whoniverse, the Doctor and Donna discuss his traumatic history with Flux and The Timeless Child, both of which were presented by Chris Chibnall during Jodie Whittaker's tenure as the Doctor.

This proves that in the new era, Russell T. Davies is not going to cut the arc that changes the nature of the Doctor (even though some fans would like him to), and will likely continue to explore it in the future.

What do you think of The Timeless Child being confirmed in Wild Blue Yonder?

The final Doctor Who 2023 special, The Giggle, is set to air on BBC and Disney+ on Saturday, December 9th.