3 Major Events That Might Happen in Virgin River's Future Seasons According to the Books

3 Major Events That Might Happen in Virgin River's Future Seasons According to the Books
Image credit: Netflix

Some of them are actually very sad.

Since its debut in 2019, Virgin River hasn't been the most book-accurate show. For example, the Netflix drama revolves around Mel Monroe, while Robyn Carr's novel cycle, on which Virgin River is based, explores the lives of many characters. But if the show were to follow the book canon, here are three biggest things that could happen in future seasons.

Denny's Death

Although Denny Cutler has been on Virgin River since Season 3, he has been a fairly minor character, with few viewers really following his storyline. That changed at the end of the show's most recent, fifth season, when Denny was revealed to be the father of Lizzie's yet-to-be-born baby.

Following the revelation, the two characters decided to start a family together and prepared for a wedding, which had many fans excited for Season 6. But in Robyn Carr's books, Denny meets a tragic fate when he dies of a terminal illness, leaving Lizzie a widow. But it also causes Lizzie and Ricky to reconcile and rekindle their romance, so depending on which team you're rooting for, this could be good news or bad news for you.

Mel's Motherhood

Throughout its five-season run, Virgin River has told the story of Mel's life before and after she moved to the titular town to try to find happiness. Sure, Melinda finds love with Jack Sheridan. However, she is once again faced with the tragedy of her life when she miscarries her baby. The miscarriage is one of the major storylines of season 5, leading Mel to give up trying to have children of her own and to consider adoption.

Meanwhile, in the novels, Mel and Jack will have several children of their own. But it's unclear if the show will go in that direction, as it seems to be dead set against the idea.

Muriel's Love Life

Virgin River features many different relationships, but some are more memorable than others. Muriel's affair with Cameron, who is many years her junior, was one of the show's most controversial love arcs. Naturally, many viewers wanted the relationship to end and were glad when the two decided to take a break from each other in the Christmas episodes.

In this respect, the book canon can only bring joy to the audience, as Muriel and Cameron break up in the novels, and Muriel finds love with a more compatible man who's much closer to her in age.