10 Storylines We Expect Virgin River S6 To Pick Up From Holiday Specials

10 Storylines We Expect Virgin River S6 To Pick Up From Holiday Specials
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Which of these storylines are you most looking forward to?

Virgin River Season 5 concluded with a two-part holiday special. And what a special it was! The sweet Christmas atmosphere and family bonding, spiced with some drama, including Charmaine's long-awaited labor and the search for Mel's biological father, was everything the show's massive fan base was hoping for and more.

The holiday episodes left us eager to see the continuation of the story that takes place in the idyllic Northern California town. And while the release date for Season 6 has yet to be announced, the special gave us plenty to imagine what the next chapter will be about.

Here are ten of the storylines that are sure to play a major role in the future episodes of Virgin River.

1. Doc's Medical Trial

Doc's eye problems have been mentioned several times in the specials and are sure to be explored in the future. Fortunately, showrunner Patrick Sean Smith confirmed in a chat with Deadline that the trial will be successful. Doc and Hope are finally looking at a healthy place in their lives.

2. Lizzie's Pregnancy

With everyone on board with Lizzie's pregnancy, it will hopefully be a stress-free, heartfelt storyline. We might even see Lizzie give birth in the next chapter, since Smith said there will be a time jump between seasons. At least her pregnancy will not last as long as Charmaine's.

3. Weddings

Doc and Hope are re-engaged, and Lizzie and Denny are toying with the idea of marriage. Add to that Mel and Jack's engagement and we could be looking at a wedding season next year.

4. Charmaine's Twins

Charmaine finally delivered twins. All are healthy, but Calvin insists on being a part of their lives, which is a source of stress and anxiety for Charmaine. Now that Mel knows who the twins' father is, there's no doubt that Calvin will appear in Season 6 and bring some drama.

5. Cameron & Muriel's Disagreement

The new, exciting relationship had a rift in the holiday episodes. Cameron's ex-fiancée is back and ready to give him the family he always dreamed of. At the same time, Muriel has made it clear that she is not ready to have children. This puts the couple on very thin ice, which may break in the next chapter.

Are you rooting for Cameron and Muriel?

7. Preacher's Secret

The poor guy can't get a break. His relationship with Kaia is going great, but the discovery and identification of Wes' body puts it in jeopardy. Also, he might be in some serious legal trouble.

8. Jimmy & Lark's Conspiracy

Like Preacher, Brady never seems to find a happy place in Virgin River. His new relationship with Lark turned out to be a revenge plot by Jimmy, who was revealed to be Hazel's father. Now we are on the edge of our seats to find out what this dangerous couple has planned.

9. Mel & Jack's Parenthood

After a tragic miscarriage arc in Season 5, Mel and Jack talk a lot about their future adoptive family. So in Season 6, we expect them to rebuild Lilly's farm and finally have a child. These two deserve it.

10. Mel's Father

The biggest cliffhanger of Season 5 is Mel's father arc. We now know that he is a new character (a certain Everett Reid) and seems ready to be in Mel's life, but he has some revelations to make that will certainly complicate their relationship. Smith confirmed that we will be seeing a lot more of Everett Reid in Season 6.

Source: Deadline.