10 Must-Watch Series for Sherlock Detectives Out There

10 Must-Watch Series for Sherlock Detectives Out There
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From the rustic coasts of Broadchurch to the hustle of Ripper Street's Whitechapel, there's a tale for every mystery lover.

1. "Endeavour"

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Morse, before he became the legendary Chief Inspector Morse, was a mere Detective Constable named Endeavour. Oxford in the 1960s shimmered, but its crimes? Oh, they were dark. Mysterious murders, political intrigues, and complex personal entanglements unfolded against the University's spires.

Alongside his senior partner, Fred Thursday, Endeavour Morse navigated his way through police politics and contentious cases. Deciphering the criminal mind while grappling with the intricacies of classical music and opera, Morse showcased that detection was an art.

This series? It's the prelude to an iconic detective's symphony.

2. "Luther"

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Ever walked London's alleys at night, feeling the pulse of lurking danger? Enter Detective Chief Inspector John Luther: brilliant, obsessive, and teetering on the edge. London's grimmest crimes met their match, as Luther's methods were... unconventional, to say the least.

With the enigmatic Alice Morgan weaving in and out of his life, the line between friend and foe was frequently blurred. Dark, gritty, and pulsating with raw energy, Luther's cases pulled you into the underbelly of the city. One might say he chased monsters, both outside and within.

Are you prepared to venture into his labyrinth?

3. "Marcella"

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Marcella Backland, once a London detective, left it all behind. But did the past ever truly leave her? When a case bearing striking resemblances to an old unsolved murder resurfaces, Marcella is drawn back. The complexities of her personal life, coupled with her unique instinct as an investigator, created a whirlwind of emotions.

As the series dives deep, blackout episodes blur her reality, making her question her own actions. Amidst the urban sprawl, memories became clues, and secrets lurked in familiar faces. As past meets present, Marcella discovers that some knots are harder to untangle.

4. "Hinterland"

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Picture this: rugged Welsh landscapes, where mountains loom and tales of old seem to echo. In Aberystwyth, Detective Chief Inspector Tom Mathias, a man of few words but many scars, sought refuge.

However, instead of peace, he found mysteries as deep and intricate as the land's Celtic roots. From isolated farms to coastal villages, every crime scene painted a portrait of lives intertwined by secrets. Working with the driven Detective Inspector Mared Rhys, the duo uncovered that each crime was a thread in a larger tapestry.

It's a show where the land itself feels alive, holding memories of sins past. Can Mathias find solace amongst these tales?

5. "Ripper Street"

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Victorian London, post-Jack the Ripper, was a city on edge. Who ensured Whitechapel's streets remained safe? That'd be Detective Inspector Edmund Reid, alongside his loyal team. However, the Ripper might have vanished, but the crimes that followed were no less chilling.

From political conspiracies to underground fight clubs, every corner of Whitechapel hid a story. The ever-evolving precinct witnessed the dawn of forensics and the challenges of modern policing. As the gas lamps lit the foggy streets, Ripper Street illustrated that monsters weren't always mythical.

6. "Broadchurch"

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In a quaint coastal town named Broadchurch, waves whispered tales of old. But one morning, they bore witness to a tragedy: a young boy's lifeless body.

Enter Detectives Alec Hardy and Ellie Miller, one an outsider with a tarnished reputation and the other a local with personal ties to the victim. Together, they delved into a web of secrets, lies, and town gossip. Every resident became a suspect, and trust was a luxury.

Can the fragile fabric of a close-knit community hold together under scrutiny? Dive into Broadchurch, where calm seas hide turbulent depths.

7. "Shetland"

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Shetland Islands, where nature's raw beauty meets the hush of isolation. Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez, with his calm demeanor, found himself amidst swirling mysteries in this cold, captivating land. Amidst the backdrop of rugged shores and stormy seas, crimes took on a personal dimension, given the tight-knit community.

From age-old vendettas to modern day conspiracies, Perez and his team raced against time and tides. Shetland showcases that even in the most remote corners, human passions and prejudices burn just as fiercely. With nature as a silent observer, can Perez discern truth from legend?

8. "The Bay"

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Imagine the serene Morecambe Bay with its sprawling coastline. Detective Sergeant Lisa Armstrong, a family liaison officer, believed she had seen all the town's shades. But when twins go missing, her professional and personal lives crash in a tidal wave of revelations. Each tide brought a new clue, and as Armstrong delved deeper, her own secrets threatened to surface.

The Bay isn't just about solving crimes; it's about unraveling the layers every individual hides beneath. Because, sometimes, calm waters run deep, and the most shocking truths are buried in the sand.

9. "Line of Duty"

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In the urban sprawl, not all heroes wear capes. Some don badges. Line of Duty took us into the heart of police anti-corruption unit AC-12, led by the tenacious Superintendent Ted Hastings. Their mandate? To hunt down "bent coppers".

Each season tackled a new officer under suspicion, exposing a maze of deception, politics, and internal warfare. Here, trust was fleeting, and loyalty? Well, it was a double-edged sword. Ever wondered what happens when those sworn to uphold the law possibly break it?

10. "Happy Valley"

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Yorkshire's sweeping valleys, usually synonymous with tranquility, were disrupted by a kidnapping gone wrong.

Sergeant Catherine Cawood, still grieving her daughter's death, found herself at the epicenter, recognizing the perpetrator from her past. In a community where everyone's lives were interconnected, the crime's ripples affected all. As Catherine pursued justice, she juggled her personal demons and professional duties.

Happy Valley, ironically named, juxtaposed the serene landscapes with the turbulent emotions of its inhabitants. A tale of revenge, redemption, and resilience, it questioned: can one ever escape their past in such a tight-knit world?